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Enthusiastic Support for "Tangled Roots"

"I believe very strongly that this project will be informative and educational and will touch on issues that have not previously been explored in film. Both from your own personal perspective and an intellectual one as well, you will have the opportunity of bringing to the foreground how the Holocaust period affected both the Germans as well as the German Jews whose lives were touched by the events of this time."

-Phyllis Rosenhaft, Media Department/Moriah Films Production, Simon Wiesenthal Center

"It is difficult to bridge the conflicting histories of being both Jewish and German; however, in a post-Holocaust world, it is necessary to struggle with these complexities, especially when ethnicity and culture force one to confront this divide. The task of exploring a heritage...pushes us to consider the legacy of the Holocaust and the ability of Jews and Germans to come to terms with that history and to help recognize each other’s humanity."

- Adrian Schrek, Director of Education, Holocaust Center of Northern California

"The potential audience for this film is vast. To have people discussing the strong emotions, relational implications, and the prospects for the future will help to heal many wounds. The very nature of the relationships depicted in the documentary will engage both Jews and Christians, Germans and Jews. This is a truly important, sensitive, and unique production."

-Douglas K. Huneke, Pastor/Author, Westminster Presbyterian Church

"The clash of wills and cultures in the blending of Jewish and German families provide a wonderful refraction of important issues of responsibility, guilt, denial, and a human side of the Holocaust and its aftermath seldom explored. Where the written word will not succeed, the lens will capture reactions and feelings that will be enlightening and edifying. I believe that her work will be much discussed and much appreciated."

- Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, Director, Jewish Studies Program, Sydney M Irmas Chair in Jewish Law and Ethics, Loyola Law School, Yeshiva of Los Angeles

"Even with the full flowering of Holocaust documentaries in recent years, "Tangled Roots" represents something new in the genre. Ms. Emberling’s project promises to be a uniquely fascinating exploration of the German-Jewish encounter as it plays out in one woman’s life. This story should be told."

--Andrew R. Heinze, Associate Professor, History, Director, Swig Judaic Studies Program, University of San Francisco

"Ms. Emberling deals with an extremely difficult subject, German-Jewish relations after the Holocaust, from a new and very personal perspective. Being an American Jew of (partially) German origin, her film will make a very important and unbiased contribution to the German-Jewish dialogue of today."

--Dr. Michael Gruettner, DAAD Visiting Professor, Department of History, University of California, Berkeley

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